Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kelly (Green) Inspired - Room of the Week

With St. Patrick's Day now just two short days away, I couldn't help but be inspired by a little Kelly green! While I usually prefer slightly more detailed design (layered with color and pattern), something about the simplicity of this room really struck me.  I love the gray walls and trim, (painting them both the same color makes the room appear larger), oversized chandelier and dining table.  The drapes are hung high (also elongating the space, and opening up the view), and the simple sculpture above the mantle is perfectly placed.

Add in a few linen upholstered chairs (with nailhead trim), and the palette is both soothing and dramatic all at once.  Would you be bold enough to anchor your space with drapes like these?  I know I would.  (Oh, and I think I'd add a natural fiber rug too...something with texture.)  Now, we're dinner party beer in hand.




  1. If you cant have a dinner party in the garden, this is exactly the type of dinging room I would want to have it in!