Friday, March 16, 2012

The Friday 5

My mornings seem to begin earlier and earlier, and with last weekend's time change I couldn't be more delighted.  I started the AM today with this happy hot chocolate, and I haven't stopped moving ever since (evidence of this being a Friday PM blog post, ahhh). Moments like this remind me that it is the simple things in life that seem to make me smile these days.

Over my delicious drink, I was busy working on the back end of my new website (set to launch in 3-4 weeks, yay!).  I am giddy with excitement, and there are lots of changes with the design, functionality, and even an interior product line.  You saw our new logo here, and we'll keep you up-to-date 
on our progress with the site as well.  Fingers crossed...

The gorgeous weather also presents the perfect time to celebrate spring and summer fashion, food and yes...CAKE!  I received this invitation in the mail from our friends at Charm City Cakes this week.  Before I could even open the envelope I was swooning over my name penned by this creative lady.  
Sooo pretty.  LOVE.

I also just wrapped up another interior design project, and one of the final details was a custom created succulent planting on the dining table.  After obsessing over these little guys for weeks (as evidence here), I found two gorgeous containers, and mixed in a few different varieties, shapes, colors, and sizes.  I was so pleased with the result and friends, I have to say they were the perfect finishing touch.

AND, one of the biggest highlights of my week was finding this gorgeous painting at a local consignment shop ($140 SCORE...the supplies alone are more than that!).  It was hidden high up on a shelf (covering the store's water heater, if you can imagine), and the colors are truly amazing.  It is not yet on the wall, but know it will be absolutely perfect in my bedroom (white walls, cream and white bedding, and gold accents throughout).  I have been waking up each morning to find another fun shape in its lines (so far a rabbit, upside turtle, four leaf clover, a mushroom, a fish, and the back side of a grasshopper)
My weekend project (after tomorrow's wedding)!

Have a good night and enjoy your weekend...

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  1. That painting is STUNNING! What a find! My husband found a gorgeous oil painting for us on Craig's List recently. It's huge - 6 feet tall, and still has the tag on the back from hanging in the Corcoran Gallery!

    Which consignment shops do you like to go to in Baltimore? I haven't found any so far in the city that are that great.