Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bucket List

Many that know me well know how near and dear to me the National Association of Catering Executives is...in particular the the Baltimore Chapter.  I have been on the board for years now, and with each passing season I am excited to see our chapter grow, develop new leaders, and continue to set standards for the organization nationwide.  One of the most exciting experiences our chapter offers is the opportunity to participate in and/or attend the award-winning UNCORKED! fundraising event.   The food and design is nothing short of spectacular, and this year the design theme is "The Bucket List."  I have created countless tablescapes for this event in years past (here and here), and while I am taking a year off on the design-side, I am delighted to be attending the event (as a guest!) and can't wait to see what my creative industry colleagues put together.  

After purchasing my ticket (there are still a few available here!), I got to thinking about how I might design my table, and what exactly was on my personal bucket list.  The very first thing that came to mind was my mare, Libby, and how much I would love to train her to be a barrel racing horse.  She is the perfect size, low to the ground, and always eager and willing to get up and go.  

Over the weekend, a new fellow joined the family at the farm.  Meet Bruiser (above).  He is a two-year old gelding, and let me just say...after two minutes together I was immediately smitten.  He is the owners new show horse, and while not a barrel racing machine, he is perfectly fit in his own right. After all, can't a girl dream?  Anything wild on your bucket list?  

* For more information about UNCORKED! 2012, check out the event website here and yes, there are still a few tickets remaining!  WE hope to see you there...

* Image 1 flickr.com

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