Monday, March 5, 2012

Dream BIG(GER)

I woke up this morning with gorgeous sunlight streaming through my bedroom drapes.  My room is painted white, (as is all the bedding), and it is the most peaceful room in my apartment.  At night I often find it difficult to shut down after a long, full day of creative projects and thinking outside the box.  I do dream in my sleep but don't always remember them when I wake up.

Instead, I find myself writing my dreams down (often on post-it-notes stuck to one of my computers) or simply visualizing how I would my like my business to be, or the next trip I'd like to take (perhaps one of these beautiful places?).  Visualizing them helps me create a plan and then follow through.  When you feel like your dreams are too BIG, find a quiet place, write them down, and if they don't scare you a bit...are they really big enough?  

Mondays are always full of possibility and today (hopefully) BIGGER dreams as well.
Make it a great week!

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