Thursday, January 26, 2012

YES - Recharged and Ready

This week has already been a bit of a blur with back-to-back project deadlines, an all day chapter board retreat, and two more crazy days ahead. Can you believe it's only Thursday? That got me thinking about what I can do to recharge my batteries and wake up feeling like this...  

Like many of us, I have so many exciting ideas (and projects) brewing that I often find it difficult to simply turn off my brain...which, at 3 AM can prove to be rather challenging (a few nights in a row especially). Good thing I have a pen and trusty sketch pad close at hand, just in case the perfect paint palette hits me in the middle of the night or the seating solution to the wedding floor plan that has puzzled me for days.  

I hope you too wake up tomorrow feeling like you are ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!  Don't forget, however, that it is the balance we all strive for...a beautiful place to retreat and clear our head, so each of our individual "YES" banners continues to fly high day after day!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! Look at that sweater blanket! Im in love! I totally agree about a sketchpad too. Have 3-4 going at any given time.