Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW SERIES - Interior Inspiration - A is for...

A new year means a NEW SERIES on the blog and I have to admit I am pretty excited about this one.  Last week I was having a temporary design block, so I started making an A-Z list of the interior trends I am loving at the moment.  Just that exercise in and of itself got me out of my funk and I am happy to report I am back in the saddle, crazy for A.R.T!

Now I realize this word is quite subjective.  What one sees as art versus another can be tricky.  So I am going to keep this simple. Whether you like your paintings big or small, in a group or all alone on a wall (I sounded a little like Dr. Suess there for a moment), to me they are always the cherry on top of any interior and bring so much life to a space.  Sculptures and photographs are some of my favorites to include in this category.  Here are just a few statement pieces and/or collections that have me wanting to redecorate every room in my house...

White walls and large scale imagery are the focal point to these gorgeous spaces.  Using a mirror to reflect art on the opposite wall is another great design trick to make your small space seem larger.  I love the round mirror reflecting the photograph and architecture from across the room.

Color my world with a large scale painting that simply rocks. Hands down.

Abstract or realistic? Bold, dramatic, dewy or dreamy?

Looking for something a little outside the box?  These spheres are a fun and creative alternative adding texture and dimension to their respective spaces.

Collections big and small, white or bright, vintage, modern, traditional or edgy.  What speaks to you?

This post could go on and on with images of ART I LOVE.  I am always pouring over the pages of books and magazines inspired by art in fashion, travel, photography, events and interiors.  Want to peek at a little more of my design inspiration?  If you're anything like me, your walls are always evolving...

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  1. Stephanie I couldn't agree more! This was such a lovely post and I would love to read/see more. Art is a great source of inspiration (would love to see you profile favorite museums and pieces that speak to you) and something that is accessible to us all if you only know where to look! Would love to have you write a little bit on starting an art collection, from trolling eBay and thrift stores to MICA's raw art sale to the various galleries around town.