Thursday, May 10, 2012

White Denim Obsessed

Sometimes I get obsessed.  Yes, it's true.  I'm the girl that reads countless fashion and interior magazines in the office, out of the office, while getting a pedicure, in the car (as a passenger of course), before I go to bed...basically, all the time.  Over the years my inspiration "file" has turned into countless bits of inspiration, and I literally have to edit my Pinterest boards.  While I do love color, I also really love the simplicity of white.  Mix it with cream and layers of texture and almost every time I am sold.  I have a cream sofa in the studio, another in my apartment living room, and a white one in my bedroom sitting area.  Each vignette with a completely different look, loaded with pillows, and texture all around.    

I'm also a sucker for a mix of pretty patterns on a crisp white canvas, garden party pottery and dining chairs slipcovered in (washable) denim too.  Bringing typically indoor elements outside (like lamps and carpets) is a great way to soften any space.  A painted porch ceiling and the glow it gives its living space is a detail not to be overlooked.  The only change I might make would be adding a few more plants (like this one)...something on a larger scale to make you feel like you are relaxing outside.

So, now that I have come clean about the white in my interior life, I need to confess I have also (for weeks now) been on the hunt for the perfect pair of white denim jeans.  And while you may consider it to be an easy task, I have struggled mightily!  After countless web searches and dressing room drama, I have narrowed it down to two (these and these).

They are the perfect work day and/or weekend wardrobe staple to be dressed up or down.  Speaking of which, only one more day to go, and Friday is here!  Guess you know what I'll be wearing!

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  1. remember everyone that follows you is not skinny

  2. You make an excellent point, in fact, the majority of the women we dress are not skinny. We enjoy finding clothes that compliment each women's body, personality and style. Thank you for responding! xSB

  3. I love white jeans too! I picked up a pair recently at Uptown Cheapskate. They had a whole stack of Citizens of Humanity jeans.

    My black dog does not get along well with my white jeans though. Ha!