Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outfit to Room - Crowing Glory

If you follow me here, you may have noticed my recent collection of these pretty toppers.  Since my trip to South America (where I snapped a photo of a young women in the most amazing feather headdress...now on the gallery wall in my apartment), I have admired the art of the headdress and the drama they bring to countless editorial fashion spreads, as well as the romance...adorning the head's of some of our own gorgeous brides.  For those that know me best, they know I am a sucker for anything gold and starburst-like (insert new company logo here!), so it is no surprise that this image caught my eye.  I love her perfectly peachy complexion, bright lip, and bold print.  Mix it up with those white branches and you have this...

...this gorgeous room (which also has me swooning for so many reasons).  I love the wall color, that table (wow), bold prints (on the pillows and the pottery), and that chandelier...yes, please!  The only change I would make would be to put a gold frame around the kitchen art (surprised? not really).  I think adding something metallic would 1. really make the art pop and 2. bring in a slightly more modern element to the space.  I am not really a cook (my friends will get a kick of me saying that "not really" part), but if the classes were being held here...sign.me.up!

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