Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Postmark Morocco

Everyone likes a good "Before and After"...throw in an exciting trip (to an off-the-beaten-path locale), a plane ride or two, high speed ferry, and a Moroccan shop keeper (with a sense of humor that would have even the cast of SNL in stitches), and wah-la...a fun blog post is born!  My last trip abroad (several months ago now) was to Portugal, Morocco, and Spain.  For the past few years I had especially been wanting to travel to Morocco, and it was definitely an experience I wont forget (to say the least); one full of adventure and of course...SHOPPING! 

 I was particularly interested in rugs and textiles on this trip, and one of my favorite purchases was this gorgeous cream and brown centerpiece.  I spent a few hours in this shop, selecting the perfect color, size, and pattern, and had it shipped home only to arrive a few weeks later...

And so the story goes...from Morocco (with love) all the way back to my colorful, living room 
apartment in Charm City, Maryland.

Ironically, I took this photo a few weeks prior to this past weekend where I spent most of the day Sunday rearranging my entire apartment.  The daughter of an Army officer, I come by the need for change honestly, and so I (very often) rearrange the furniture.  The two, blue Ikat chairs are now in a completely different room, and I have relocated my round dining table in front of the window (on right) to take in the gorgeous view of my garden for the spring and summer months ahead.  I edited out the coffee table, added in a soft leather pouf, and love being closer to the sunlight in the mornings and my white lights (strung around the two holly trees outside) that glow when the sun goes down.  I am so happy to come home at night and just.be.here...in my little oasis, with so much beauty around me.  I wish the very same simple happiness for each of you...  

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