Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Field Trip to Terrain

Each spring, when the peonies peek out from under the new mulch, I literally jump for joy at the beauty around me.  I am always so excited to plant flowers, play in the garden, and find it to be a creative therapy of sorts; I think I simply love the art of it all.  Planning which flowers to pair with others and then watching them grow week after week brings an absolutely wide smile to my face.  With that being said, on Saturday I decided (on a whim) to take a quick day trip to Philadelphia and visit one of my very favorite outdoor spaces...terrain at Styer's.  

Weaving in and out of one creative display after another, I take so much pleasure in discovering the cleverness with which their vignettes are crafted.  The indoors and the outdoors run together here, and the ceilings are dripping with delicious plantings, lanterns aglow, ribbon, and muslin...

Caught in the act...I couldn't help but snap a shot of these lovely place settings under one of their tents (yes, the tent too is for sale!).  I love the sky light especially...perfect for peaking at the stars while dining al fresco with friends.

Naturally, I had to take a few colorful pansies home and spent Sunday afternoon perfecting nesting them in front of my rose bushes, a few colorful pots on the patio, and in the window box outside my bedroom window.  

If you have never been here before, I promise you it is well worth the trip...I know I'll be back again very soon!  xSB

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  1. I love that shop! The restaurant is also fantastic. Pretty photos as always. xoxo