Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PANTONE PlayDate - Chartreuse Surprise

People often ask me, "Stephanie, what do you really enjoy designing most?"  I always stop and think about that and come to the same conclusion each time.  I simply enjoy the challenge--the challenge of creating something new and different--something that is specific to the style of the individual, the event and/or interior space I am creating.  I am simply inspired by my clients and the things that inspire many pretty things...both vintage and modern, rustic and glam, sometimes neutral and sometimes full of saturated COLOR.  This week I can't seem to get enough bright chartreuse (PANTONE 14-0445X) and with the holidays right around the corner I feel like I am seeing this gorgeous green everywhere.  

See how fun DRESSING people, parties AND places really is?  Still, best job ever!

*1. Photography by Johny Miller 2. Vintage VOGUE, 3, 4 & 5. Sourced on Pinterest

What colors are inspiring you this holiday season?
xo, stephanie

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