Monday, December 12, 2011

Antler Inspiration

I have always been a fan of eclectic design--the mixing of old and new with treasures collected over time. I also happen to be the daughter of an avid hunter and my father will occasionally send an email with a picture or two of his recent prize from Alaska, Texas or a visit abroad. While that may be a bit extreme for most of us, I have to say I just love these natural sculptures.  My interview with The Baltimore Sun just a few weeks ago about the rise in popularity of this interior trend (view article here) got me flipping through my personal design files and here's what I found...

A tablescape (above) I designed back in 2009 for the Fall/Winter issue of Baltimore BRIDE magazine where I mixed a collection of deer antlers with milk glass containers full of romantic blooms.  I happen to have this pair of horns hanging in my own home mixed in with a collection of artwork and one similar to this at the studio.  I painted it in high gloss white and it currently helps display jewelry and pretty ribbons.  I also found a few of my favorite interior spaces sporting this trend as well. 

So, all this antler talk has me inspired to mix a little rustic with my glam for a last minute holiday pop up party at my place (perfect invite found here) and some decor that is sure to stand out among the masses. 

What do you think about this trend?  Love it or leave it?  I say it is here to stay...
Happy Monday!

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  1. I definitely need one of these as a new addition to my NEW apartment!:)