Monday, November 7, 2011

Stephanie's Party Secrets

With the holidays right around the corner, I am looking forward to cozy nights by the fire, time with friends and family, and of entertaining! Below are a few of my PARTY SECRETS to ensure a stylish celebration...
1. Be creative with invites. They help set the mood from the very beginning and are a fun way to get guests excited about the event in advance of your gathering. We especially love or our friends (locally) at Carla David Design. And, don't forget to let your guests know the dress code!
2. Set the mood with candles. The more ambient light the better and candles are an inexpensive way to help make your space warm and intimate. 
3. Create a custom playlist. Regardless of the type of gathering you are hosting, the music will help keep the party going. Consider a mix of slow and upbeat tunes to play throughout the evening.  Find the GIRL ABOUT TOWN's personal PARTY PLAYLIST HERE.
4. Move the furniture. Don't be afraid to move things around a bit and create intimate seating groupings in your home and/or make way for dancing!
5. Serve a signature drink. Choose something that is fun and light in color. Stick to white wine or champagne, especially for large gatherings, as red wine will stain.
6. Display fruit, cheeses and desserts artfully. A chalkboard is a fun way to display savory treats and gives you the opportunity to write the names of the items on display. Different size cake plates are perfect for sugary treats and provide visual interest to any tabletop.

7. Have a party activity. Incorporating a game or activity is fun for adult parties too. Turn an empty corner into a photo booth with props for silly poses or make s’mores outside around a toasty fire.
8. Give favors. Choose something small that guests can take home with them to remember the evening. While mints and matches are favor favorites, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.
9. Invite the neighbors. This will make you feel less self conscious about ending the party early or turning the music down at 9 PM. Keep the “more the merrier” mentality and you can’t go wrong.
10. Dress the part. Don’t forget your party dress, (ladies, something sparkly is always a plus) and remember to HAVE FUN!    

xo, stephanie

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