Monday, November 21, 2011

Stephanie Entertains - Floral Centerpiece How To

With Thanksgiving now just days away, I am sure you are beginning to get out your grandmother's china, make a last minute shopping list and prep the table for the big meal.  Stuck on what to put in the center of your spread? Try this...

Step 1:  Select a decorative container and a color palette.  I chose this footed, turquoise piece because I thought it would contrast our color trio of oranges, golds and reds quite nicely...A perfect fit for our Thanksgiving scene. 

Step 2:  Gather your supplies and prep your container. You will need: a piece floral oasis (found at your local craft supplier), floral tape, garden snips and/or a knife, greens, filler flowers and some pretty accent blooms. I suggest placing an inexpensive, plastic container inside the decorative one to protect it from any water damage.  Soak the oasis in water, place the saturated oasis in the disposable container and secure with floral tape.

Step 3:  Fill around the outside of the container with foliage to create a base layer and cover the plastic container. Keep in mind, using a mix of seasonal greens is an inexpensive way to fill your base and you can even gather these goodies in your own back yard.  Here I used oak leaf hydrangea.  It has great color and big leaves.

Step 4:  Place less expensive "filler" flowers (sedum, football mums and abelia shown above) around your container to begin filling in some of the holes.  Don't forget to turn your container around when you are working so you can fill it in from all angles.

Step 5:  Gather pricier blooms (mini calla lilies, mokara orchids, roses and tulips shown here) and continue filling in the holes.  Keep in mind that these are your focal flowers so placing them in clusters throughout the arrangement gives you a great punch of color all over.

Step 6: Now it is time to add your final touches.  Here we added hypericum berries and these gorgeous guinea feathers.  I love their texture and the white polka dots are just so fun!

Step 7:  Step back and E.N.J.O.Y!  Don't forget to continue to hydrate your oasis every day or so to keep your blooms fresh and longer lasting.

On a personal note, a very Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.  Know I am thankful for all of my readers and so grateful to continue to do what I love every day of the year.

Visit our friends locally at: Crimson and Clover Floral Design, Inc., 733 Deepdene Road, Baltimore
There is still time to sign up for their centerpiece class to be held TOMORROW at 6:30 PM.  
Or, REGISTER NOW for their "Holiday Wreath" making classes in early December. 
For more information, visit them online at:

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