Monday, November 14, 2011

GAT Beauty Buzz - Ombre Nails

Welcome to the GIRL ABOU TOWN (GAT) Beauty Buzz!
Staying true to the tagline "DRESSING people, parties AND places," 
I thought it only fitting to discuss a few beauty trends from time-to-time... 

As you can see, I am still obsessing over the whole ombre trend (in fashion, beauty and even here) so I asked Kelsey (one of our design interns) to put together a quick tutorial for Ombre Nails. 
Now you too can get this look every day!


Step # 1:  Chose two of your favorite nail polish colors. Here we show Essie's Cocktail Bling and Bobbing for Baubles
Step # 2:  Paint a base coat of clear polish followed by your first color choice.
Step # 3:  Place a small dot of the second color on a piece of paper or velum.
Step # 4:  Use a make-up sponge to blot the second color on the tips of your nails, and gradually work the sponge towards your cuticles.
Step # 5:  Paint a top coat with your clear polish.  
Step # 6:  Repeat on your second hand and enjoy!

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