Monday, November 7, 2011

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Creating a functional, organized, and stylish interior within a small space is simple and most often a necessity. A small living space should always be practical, flexible, and clever, with multifunctional furniture, fresh colors, and smart storage solutions.  

1. Choose light wall colors.
Make a cramped living area feel more spacious by lightening the walls with neutrals like Sherwin Williams Humble Gold, Full Spectrum Paints' Mushroom, or Benjamin Moore's Pale Moon. Fresh, airy colors like these are the starting point for almost any palette. If choosing to paint a bold accent wall, be sure the color has enough depth to pull you in rather than leaping out at you.  A fun one to try...DD Allen's Bella Donna.

2. Add mirrors. Adding a mirror to your space creates a reflection of the room around you gives the illusion of a larger, brighter space.
3. Create storage solutions. A wall of box shelves like this can be used to store treasures or to show them off. Use stylish baskets to hold office supplies, laundry or kids toys.
4. Invest in dual-purpose pieces.  A bench or ottoman that has a storage compartment  (or an armoire) can be used for storing linens and office supplies are easy solutions to making the most of your space.
5. Use light and airy furniture. Glass top tables like this and lucite chairs likes these provide a fresh look and give your space a breath. By being able to see through pieces, a small area feels much more spacious.

*Room design above by Kelly Wearstler.  It was one of the images I used as inspiration for our new design studio in Baltimore.  Want to see inside our chic and efficient office space?  Peek HERE...

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