Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stephanie Entertains - Cherub Centerpiece How To

With Valentine's Day exactly one week away, it is time to put on those thinking caps and consider how to send thoughtful wishes to the ones you cherish most.  I personally love the idea of something less predictable and decided to seek the help of one of my favorite local vendor partners, Fleur de Lis Florist in Mt. Vernon. Together we came up with this lovely, little centerpiece that is sweet, creative and easy to do at home. Give it a try...

STEP 1:  Select a container and gather your supplies.  I chose a small white, crackled ceramic pot and matching ceramic cherub as the focal point.  You will also need: floral oasis, floral tape, corsage tape, two hyacinth sticks, a knife, sheet moss (moist), floral pins and a few blooms of choice.  Here I selected: seeded eucalyptus, garvelia fern, white hydrangea, heather, lavender hyacinth, (novelty) standard carnations, fushia anemone, and hot pink spray roses. 

STEP 2 & 3:  Soak oasis in water and cut to fit inside your container.  Secure with floral tape (above).  Break hyacinth stick in half, secure both pieces together with corsage tape, insert stick into small cherub and place in the middle of saturated oasis.  Trick to corsage tape:  It adheres to itself when tugged, so wrap and tug, wrap and tug and you'll be good to go.

STEP 4:  Begin filling out the base of your container with your filler flowers.  Here I used the seeded eucalyptus and small pieces of white hydrangea to start.

STEP 5:  Select two pieces of heather and tape another hyacinth stick (half a stick will be fine) to the top ends of each piece.  Remember to wrap and tug the corsage tape to secure. 

STEP 6 & 7:  Insert (on an angle) the bottom ends of the heather into the sides of your arrangement.  Pull the center of the heather (and stick) into the middle of the arrangement and insert the stick into the oasis behind the cherub.

STEP 8:  Continue filling in the arrangement with your remaining accent blooms.

STEP 9:  Once all the flowers have been arranged, fill in any remaining holes with moist sheet moss and secure with floral pins.

STEP 10:  It is that easy!  Now...who to deliver it to?

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you...

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* Photography by Stephanie Bradshaw, all rights reserved

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  1. This is beautiful!! I would love to go down to Fleur de Lis Florist and ask for some help finding the supplies you listed here.