Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Christina! - GIRL ABOUT TOWN Guest Blogger - Country Weekend Get-A-Way

One day this week while reading the daily blogs, newspaper headlines and top MSN stories, I came across this delightful home covered in ivy.  Now, they say that ivy is detrimental to stone or brick (or whatever your home is made out of), but I just don’t care.  To me, nothing looks more inviting than ivy crawling up the side of a storybook home.  Where do you think this magical place is located?  I say it’s tucked somewhere in the English countryside where the closest general store is several miles away.  Wherever it is, I want to vacation there for a week.  Here are a few favorite finds I would pack for my relaxing country adventure...

                Essential Riding Pants                  Classic Wellies                                 Cozy Sweater

And I can't forget about this Secret Garden tote for fresh flower gathering and a cheese making kit – it is, after all, the English countryside.


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