Thursday, April 7, 2011

Create Cash in your Closet!

Excited to make some springtime purchases, but strapped for cash? Bradshaw Styling has the answer!


Spring fashion magazines have been on newsstands for weeks and temperatures are finally on the rise. That being said, to create an organized home for your treasures. Follow these simple steps and you'll be well on your way with some extra cash in your pocket!

1. Edit, Edit, Edit (and Pack Up!) - Start by emptying your entire closet and creating four piles...KEEP, STOW, CONSIGN and UNDECIDED. Make decisions based on fit, condition and how many times you wore the item last year. Keep the items you love and wear regularly, consign impulse purchases and bad fashion decisions, stow cold weather items and come back to your undecided pile AFTER completing #2 below.

2. Reorganize and Clean - After everything has been categorized, evaluate your organizational design. Are you forgetting to wear certain pairs of shoes because you simply can't see them? Buying another black dress because the one you bought last week is nowhere to be found? Consider purchasing like hangers, hooks and organizational tools to help display shoes and accessories. Place all KEEP items back in your clean closet and begin organizing based on color, style and occasion. Now, go back to the UNDECIDED pile and make some tough decisions based on the items now hanging in your closet.

3. Do Your Research - Call local consignment shops and find out their policies for accepting items, do you need to make an appointment, pricing guidelines, and payment options. Don't forget to pop in first and check out the quality of garments in their store before selecting the one that best fits your needs.

4. Turn in Your Clothing & Collect Proceeds - Now that your research is complete, pack up your clothing and take it to your consignment store of choice. Consider having coats and formal dresses professionally cleaned prior to delivery. Stow seasonal items in dust bags and shoe boxes and consider investing in items that are timeless and unique.

5. Shop Smart - Make a list of items you will want/need in the coming months. Spend time leafing through magazines and peeking at websites to find inspiration. Shop for the items on your list and stay on budget. You should have some extra cash in no time!

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